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The Office of Mailing and Receiving Services provides an on-site mailing center for the campus community.

This office is located on the lower level of Decker Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Office provides intake and delivery for standard packages and mailings, as well as processing of bulk mailings and express mail.

  • We will deliver all Departmental  mail and  packages and PPE,  we will receive and deliver all student packages for Res Ed.
  • We will gather outgoing mail from departments  for metering and take it to the post office, ( 1:30 PM is the latest time we can accept mail to go out the same day) also we provide shipping via FedEx and UPS for departments ).
  • The receiving area of the mailroom  will receive large orders for departments for temporary storage.

We also pickup  College mail and packages at our P.O.Box in Ewing TWP daily.

Please contact the mail-room at extension 2739 to set up individual department procedures for mail drop-off & package delivery, including departments not returned to campus.