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For Faculty and Staff

Mail and packages for all academic and administrative offices are received on campus at our central mail sorting facility in Decker Hall. The packages are then delivered to individual offices throughout the campus. Each office will receive one daily mail delivery, but may have a special delivery in addition if needed for a special priority package.


Timeliness of Deliveries

  • General mail is delivered the day it is received after sorting is completed; if mail is received later in the afternoon, it is delivered the following day.
  • Every attempt is made to deliver non-priority (UPS Ground, USPS non-priority, etc.) packages the day they are received; however, volume of packages and time of delivery by vendor may make this impossible.
  • The maximum turn-around time for a non-priority package is two working days from receipt on campus.
  • Priority (UPS Overnight and Next-Day, FedEx, USPS Priority, etc.) packages are delivered the day they are received on-campus. Additional information on priority packages may be found on our tracking page.

Bulk Mailings

  • Several offices on campus utilize our bulk mailing services for mailings. Bulk Mailings at 1st class are rated for 500 pieces or more. Standard Nonprofit mailings are rated for 200 pieces or more.
  • The specifications and requirements for each bulk mailing are different, so please contact us before completing your mailing for delivery so that we can provide you with the most up to date and accurate information.
  • Using bulk mailing services saves us time and money, and is strongly encouraged.

Warehouse Services

  • At times, departments have items stored in our warehouse temporarily. It is our practice to follow up with every office that has items stored in our facility on a regular basis to ensure that the items are still needed.
  • Please note that this a temporary service and is not in place as an alternative to long-term storage.


  • All offices are billed regularly for their postal expenses based upon the actual pieces of mail they have sent. These figures are provided by our office directly to Budget and Finance and will appear monthly on your Peoplesoft budget information.